Call us biased, but we think country singers look pretty great for their ages, even if they're all over the board. But have you ever wondered how old a computer thinks stars like Reba McEntire, Brantley Gilbert, Scotty McCreery and Carrie Underwood are?

A new website called has gone viral, and it's causing a stir and distracting folks (us included) from work. The site asks you to upload a photo of yourself or someone else, and then it tries to guess how old the person in the photo is and their gender with face-recognition software. Although it's a lot of fun, it's definitely a work in progress. As far as our experience goes, it is usually pretty accurate with sex ... and not so much with age-guessing. If nothing else, How-Old is pretty good for a laugh!

Sometimes, they are actually decades off in their guesstimations! Your'e sure to laugh when you see how old it thinks McCreery is — he has such boyish charm! Click through the gallery above to see how pinned your favorite country stars.

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