In the few years that Katie Armiger has been on the country music scene, she has nabbed herself a Top 40 hit and a No. 1 video on GAC for 'Best Song Ever,' and most recently, she was voted the No. 1 Hottest Bachelorette by Country Weekly magazine. Her latest album, 'Confessions of a Nice Girl,' marked her highest debuting album when it debuted at No. 6 on Amazon's album charts the week after its release.

The beautiful brunette, who celebrates her 20th birthday today, has just wrapped up work on her latest video for her new single, 'I Do, But Do I,' which will be released to video channels in the coming weeks. This summer, Armiger will be hitting the road hard, opening shows for the likes of Darius Rucker, Ronnie Dunn, Little Big Town, Gloriana and Clay Walker, among others. But before she slipped through our fingers, Taste of Country snagged the gorgeous singer for a few minutes for some girl-talk!

What do you never leave home without?
My purse. I have my phone, makeup, keys, and for these events [like CMA Music Festival], I've always got perfume, deodorant, wet wipes ... I've got a granola bar in there [laughs]. My purse is this huge bag. It's not even really a purse!

Where can you spend hours of your day and not get bored?

Who is somebody you'd love to be stuck in an elevator with?
Patsy Cline. I would probably just stare at her, honestly. Maybe say, "Would you just sing for me?!"

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?
Last night. A friend of mine sent me a YouTube video. The premise was how to trick people into thinking you are pretty. Basically it goes through the whole process of how a girl gets ready. She'd say things like, 'Now I'm going to cover my face in liquid ... Now I'm going to outline my eyes with black ... Now I'm going to straighten my hair. I know that's bad for it, but it looks good!' Oh my gosh . So many funny things.

You were recently named Country Weekly's Hottest Bachelorette. What are some of your tips to being beautiful?
It's an honor to be that, but it's so weird because I don't feel that way ever. I just don't. For any performer, I would advise that you never wear lip gloss, because if you move your head your hair gets caught and smears it across your face. It's annoying, and that's something people don't think about. Also, I would say less is more, especially during the daytime. Makeup should be to enhance the already beautiful you, not to make a different you. That's my motto with makeup.

What makes you feel the sexiest?
Heels and push up bras [laughs]. When I put on the heels and push-up bra, I feel good.

What is the craziest thing you've ever done for a guy or a guy has done for you?
The people I've dated have not been really great [laughs]. I'm always really nice in a relationship. I'm the person who will bake and do stuff like that. I would honestly say there is nothing really crazy that has happened. All my relationships have been really laid back. We had fun, and there was never really anything we have done to kind of make a point or anything like that. Day by day, just having fun.

Describe your ideal date.
First date would be going out to dinner somewhere really nice outside, maybe taking a walk or even seeing an outdoor movie. They have a lot of those drive-in movie places open now. Something like that would be great, because a lot of times when you go into a really fancy restaurant, and then go to a movie theater it's really hard to connect because you aren't talking during the whole second part and the whole point to dating is getting to know them. When you're in a fancy restaurant, you can feel all nervous. Just keep it relaxed. I would say that is a date I would want to go on anytime.

What is the last album you purchased?
Needtobreathe. Have you heard that song 'Something Beautiful'?  I think they are touring with Taylor Swift this year. I got to see them at the Ryman a few months ago and they were so good. I love them.

What terrifies you?
Spiders. I hate them. Spiders and wasps. I got stung by a wasp on the neck while I was just sitting on my couch, so I'm terrified of wasps and things that sting and bite.

Who is your celebrity crush?
I really like Ryan Kwanten. He plays Sookie's brother on 'True Blood.' I also just recently saw that movie 'Thor,' and I don't know who that main character is but he is very attractive [laughs]!

Watch the Katie Armiger 'Best Song Ever' Video