Keith Urban's new single 'Somewhere in My Car' may hit on car-related themes similar to his last single 'Cop Car,' but fans shouldn't take the déjà vu too seriously. The Aussie singer says that the fact that he's released two consecutive singles featuring a strong automobile presence is purely coincidental.

'Somewhere in My Car' is Urban's fourth single off 'Fuse,' and the uptempo breakup song is certainly making fans do a double-take just months after his hit 'Cop Car' soared up the charts. But not only do the two songs strike completely different notes, Urban says their shared auto context doesn't translate to the whole of his eighth studio album, either.

“It’s not intentional. It’s just the themes, I guess, that hit some of my songs,” the superstar tells ABC News Radio. “Not all of them, it’s just with these singles -- the order of the singles has seen this car theme, but they’re the only car songs on the whole album.”

That said, Urban will be the fist to admit that he does have cars on the brain pretty often. The car aficionado says he got his love for all things auto from his dad and that it's often where he does his best soul-searching.

"My dad was a car-lover, so I really inherited that. My taste in cars run the gamut of all sort of eclectic things, but it’s trucks, too," says the singer and 'American Idol' judge. "It’s where I still listen to more music than anywhere ... it’s just a great place of sort of coming to terms with everything, you know what I mean? It’s the only quiet place you can get, sometimes."

But while cars are great for driving and thinking, Urban readily admits that 'Somewhere in My Car' is about a little more than just that.

"I love trucks, cars, everything, and we’ve got some truck songs on the record," he says. "But ‘Somewhere in My Car’ is really ... it’s not really about a car so much as it is what happens in the backseat of a car."

The singer is currently filming the next season of 'American Idol,' though pop's Adam Lambert was called to fill in for Urban following the death of Nicole Kidman's father.

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