Forget magic pills and SlimFast, if you're looking to lose some weight, it's all about diet and exercise ... and Taylor Swift.

Ronnie Brower, a man from Syracuse, New York, who weighed 675 pounds at the age of 28, has lost an astonishing 425 pounds after working hard for the last two years — all while playing Swift's songs on repeat.

In a video posted to YouTube by Brower's teacher and friend Joe Bufano, his amazing journey to a healthy 250 pounds is set to Swift's music, and it might be the most inspiring thing you've ever seen.

“He told me in his darkest days ... he would often listen to Taylor, and it was the messages in her music that kind of gave him some source of joy and happiness," Bufano tells the Daily Dot. "It kept him buying into life."

Unable to leave his home at first, Brower started with a hand bike before progressing to his local gym to lift weights, box, walk for miles and climb stairs. As the pounds began to come off, Brower's spirits soared. All the while, Swift was in his thoughts.

"Day 110 and I'm the only one here again," he says in the video with an empty gym behind him. "I've got Ms. Swift on the radio, I'm all set. Yeah buddy!"

After a year, his local news channels were starting to take notice, and he had lost 200 pounds! Brower's attitude remains positive throughout the whole video, even when he's obviously hurting.

"Day 600. I'm tired and I'm sore, but I'm still pushing through it," he admits at one point. "8 o'clock in the morning, let's go. Yeah buddy!"

Now that he has accomplished his goal and turned his life around, Bufano is taking his friend to see Swift's June 3 concert in Cleveland, fulfilling yet another dream that seemed impossible two short years ago. He made the video hoping to get Swift's attention, and now that it's gone viral, fans everywhere are encouraging her to make the experience extra special for this very deserving man.

Check out #ronnieweightloss on Twitter to see photos of Brower's transformation and the amazing outpouring of support he has already received.

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