Merle Haggard loved writing songs and catching fish in his many custom-made boats, and now through an almost fate-like story, one of those fishing boats is back home after collecting many years of memories with another family.

After serving Haggard faithfully, the legend's ‘80s Ranger bass boat eventually ended up in the hands of Tanyalynn Cornett and her father, who together with Cornett’s children made many special memories on the boat. In the wake of Haggard’s passing, Cornett connected with Haggard’s son Ben after he posted a photo of himself fishing on the same lake Cornett’s family used to frequent together. After offering her condolences, Cornett mentioned that she not only had the Ranger bearing a plaque with the country star’s name, but that it was for sale (Cornett says after her father’s passing, it would be too painful to continue to use the boat).

Ben Haggard jumped at the chance to bring this piece of family history back home, and according to Cornett, teared up when he saw the vessel. He showed Cornett photos of his father fishing from the boat and later posted one on Instagram as well.

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The legendary singer passed away April 6, 2016 — his 79th birthday -- after months of having to cancel shows due to health struggles, specifically double pneumonia. Many country artists have paid tribute to the artist in the weeks since, including the Country Music Hall of Fame’s All for the Hall benefit, which essentially became a Haggard tribute show. Haggard leaves behind a slew of unreleased songs, not to mention an influence on country music that will last a lifetime.

Country Stars Remember Merle Haggard

Merle Haggard's Final Recording: