Miranda Lambert is a fan of music -- even if it's not country music, strictly speaking. The country star recently weighed in on Taylor Swift's decision to make a pop record, gushing over her fellow songstress.

"Absolutely!" Lambert responded to Broadway's Electric Barnyard when asked if she thinks Swift can come back to country after releasing her forthcoming '1989' album. "She's an amazing writer, so if she comes back tomorrow and says, 'I'm gonna make a country record now,' we'll listen to that and buy it, too."

Adds the 'Automatic' hitmaker, "I mean, it doesn't matter. I'm just proud of her for doing whatever art she wants to do ... it's gonna be successful -- it's Taylor Swift!"

Brad Paisley seems to agree. Lambert even talked specifically about Swift's fun new single 'Shake It Off,' admitting she just can't seem to get the catchy tune out of her head.

"I think it's awesome! It sticks in your head. I mean, I heard it one time and I was like singing it all day long," the singer shares, adding that Miss Swift actually has a strong presence in her listening preferences. "I have a lot of her material on my iPod and I bought the new single -- I'm a supporter of hers."

Lambert may not be branching out from the country genre like her counterpart, but the singer does have quite a few new fun things on the horizon that aren't related to her country career. The 'Somethin' Bad' singer just opened up a bed and breakfast in her hometown, and her animal welfare organization, MuttNation, just broke ground on a safe haven for dogs in Oklahoma.

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