While Kenny Chesney is often called country music's Jimmy Buffett, the honor may be more appropriate for Neal McCoy. On his new single, 'A-OK,' the country veteran finds new ways to describe a goofy state of contentment. It's a style that's fit McCoy throughout his entire career.

Much like his biggest hits -- 'Wink,' 'The Shake' and more recently 'Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On' -- McCoy's first single from his 12th studio album is aimed at putting listeners in a good mood. Those who call the song corny are most in need of the advice he offers during the chorus of 'A-OK.'

"Oh, oh it's all all right / Everybody's got a get loose sometimes / If you're uptight / Better let it unwind / It's all right, it's all right / Oh, oh it's OK / Save your troubles for another day / Put a big ol' smile back on your face / It looks to me like it's gonna' be A-O, A-O, A-OK."

One would be hard pressed to find a photo of McCoy with a scowl or a frown. He's the perfect choice for the type of song, as he never seems grouchy. Neither the lyrics nor the production will win the singer any awards, but the combination is blast of metaphorical sunshine in a metaphorically cloudy news cycle.

"Let me raise a toast to all of those who are feeling just like me / Peak your head out the covers there are a whole lot of others who are tired of losing sleep / Say no to all of those worries that are holding you down / Cause it's good for the soul to get up and go / Take it all in to town," McCoy sings during the second verse.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert produced McCoy's upcoming album 'XII' and both sing backing vocals on 'A-OK.' This gives the song some credibility as McCoy has struggled to get songs on the radio in recent years, but their performance isn't notable otherwise. Warning: Listening to this song a second time will result in singing it all week long. That's not the worst thing that could happen.

Listen to Neal McCoy, 'A-OK'