Sara Evans returns with a big vocal showcase on her new single 'Slow Me Down.' While the singer delicately holds back early in the ballad, by then end she's opening up like she's done on her most well-known songs.

Aside from an orchestral introduction, 'Slow Me Down' is a generic arrangement that dampens the excitement for new music from the 'Stronger' singer. There isn't much to surprise longtime fans, and the lyrics don't dig into the pain of a broken relationship.

"Wheels are turning in my mind / Don't wanna leave but I might this time / Seconds from whispering goodbye / Yeah, the wheels are turning in my mind," Evans sings to begin the song.

The way she hits and softly holds the final notes of the chorus is a notable change of pace: "If all that's left to do is walk away / Then maybe I'm as gone as yesterday / But if there's something you still need to say / You need to say it now / Hurry up and slow me down."

Much like 'Stronger,' 'Slow Me Down' has the potential to become a sneaky hit. Her message and story are open enough to allow a large group of fans to apply her single to their specific situation. It's not clear that Evans is applying it to her situation, however. The performance lacks convincing pain or confusion about where this romance is headed.

Listen to Sara Evans, 'Slow Me Down'