We're starting to think that something may be going behind the scenes at the 'American Idol' house or at least 'Up on the Roof' of it! Why? Because for the third time this season, country crooner Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina -- who has been known to sing a country tune or two -- have dueted on the show. Maybe there is a little romantic something-something unfolding between these two talented teens? You never know.

That said, the perfectly matched pair sang Carole King's 'Up on the Roof' together and their voices came together flawlessly, never bumping into one another or overshadowing each other. If there ever was a song that McCreery and Alaina were made to sing together, this was it. They also did a great job singing 'American Honey' by Lady Antebellum and 'I Told You So' by Carrie Underwood on past episodes, but this duet was probably our favorite.

We're thinking that these two might very well end us as the final two contestants this season.

Watch Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Perform 'Up on the Roof' on 'American Idol'