'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery finds a way to put himself in the most read news stories just about every week. His announcement of a brand-new single was not only the hottest Taste of Country article of the week, it was the most commented on. Most people just showed some Scotty love, while a few took exception to our lukewarm review.

Fellow 'Idol' contestant Lauren Alaina also had one of the week's hottest stories after a fan proposed marriage to her, and she accepted! Other top stories include a spicy picture from Julianne Hough, Eric Church getting physical at a recent concert and Miranda Lambert opening up about the early stages of her relationship with Blake Shelton.

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    Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Working on Album With Neal McCoy

    From the looks of the video that Shelton, Lambert and Neal McCoy leaked to YouTube this week, the country couple will be producing McCoy's next album. Shelton begins by leading us to believe he and his wife are working on an album of songs together before McCoy wheels in and blows up the illusion. There's little more detail on when this project will be released or if either singer will join McCoy in a song.

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    Jason Aldean Honored With Corn Maze

    A farmer in Shelby, N.C. may be the most dedicated Jason Aldean fan around. He's literally turned his multi-acre property into a tribute to the 'Dirt Road Anthem' singer. Overhead pictures show that the corn-artist did a pretty good job, even catching the finer details of his sunburst logo. Beginning next month, fans can literally walk through Jason Aldean.

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    Eric Church Comes to a Fan's Rescue, Kicks Out Security Guard

    All the poor woman wanted was an autograph. Church proved this week that he's as protective of his fans as they are of him. A security guard found himself on the wrong end of a boot after getting a little too confrontational with a fan leaning in to get the singer's signature. Church stopped the show and asked him to leave.

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    Scotty McCreery's 'Clear as Day' Album to Include a Keith Urban Track

    Details of Scotty McCreery's new album keep leaking out like water through a busted nozzle. After teasing fans with this news, he later specified which track he'd recorded. Keith Urban  recommended his 1997 song 'Walkin' in the Country' from an album he did as part of The Ranch. If the timing was right, he was willing to play guitar on McCreery's version as well. Sadly, the two couldn't sync schedules.

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    Miranda Lambert 'Knew Better' Than to Go After Blake Shelton While He Was Married

    In an interview with NBC's 'Dateline,' the 'Gunpowder and Lead' singer put to rest any rumors that she and eventual husband Blake Shelton were getting physical while he was married to his first wife. In video clips, she explains that with two parents as private investigators, she knew firsthand how devastating adultery could be and had no intention of becoming the other woman. She also shared that the first time they teamed up onstage was when she knew their chemistry was more than musical.

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    Scotty McCreery’s New Single ‘The Trouble With Girls’ Debuts Tomorrow

    A radio station in Raleigh, N.C. first leaked word that a new Scotty McCreery song was coming. After reading a tweet teasing the new song and an interview, fans began to clamor for more details. Fortunately, no one had to wait long as we had the single up for fans by night's end.

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    Julianne Hough's Cell Phone Hacked

    While there were plenty of photos and contacts in Hough's phone, there was nothing that could truly embarrass the singer and 'Footloose' actress. There were a few of her with boyfriend Ryan Seacrest, but this shot of her in a bikini is the only one she may not have wanted the world to see. Then again, there's still not much to be embarrassed about.

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    Scotty McCreery, 'The Trouble With Girls' - Lyrics Uncovered

    Within hours of McCreery releasing 'The Trouble With Girls,' we had songwriter Phillip White on the phone explaining how he and co-writer Chris Tompkins came up with the idea. He said the song was fairly new, having only been written within the last few months. As fans clamor for anything McCreery related, this was sure to be part of the Top 10 stories of the week.

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    Lauren Alaina Accepts Marriage Proposal

    But it was only for a day. A fan proposed to Alaina before a recent concert, and to everyone's surprise she said yes. She then added one stipulation: Their engagement would end at midnight. The young man happily agreed. We're still confirming details that his car turned into a pumpkin after the show.

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    Scotty McCreery, 'The Trouble With Girls,' - Song Review

    The 'American Idol' winner's second official single was released this week and immediately became the most searched for story amongst Taste of Country readers. McCreery should maintain his strangle hold on the top of our most read list in weeks to come, especially if he continues leaking details of his new album before it' release on October 4.