Country singer and 'American Idol' finalist Scotty McCreery says he would be open to singing a Taylor Swift tune while he is on the show. Zap2it recently asked the 17-year-old Garner, N.C. native -- where McCreery pitches for his high school baseball team -- if a Swift song would fit with his 'Idol' plans. He says, "Maybe! Who knows? She's great, for sure! I might [be] able to pull that out."

The latest Internet chatter on McCreery, who has played guitar since he was 10 years old, is whether or not he will stay with his country roots during his time on the show. On this topic, McCreery replies, "I'm a country boy, I might change it up here and there, but for the most part, I want to stay true to who I am." The teen tells Entertainment Weekly,"I auditioned singing John Mayer and Frank Sinatra. Country isn't the only thing I have up my sleeve. But I don't know about disco."

As for the fact that he does not wear a cowboy hat, the 'Idol' hopeful was quick to say, "I am not a cowboy hat kind of guy. A lot of people think it is weird that I don't wear one being the country guy, but I never have been into them. My hair on the other hand could use a cut. It's getting a little long on the sides."

All 13 finalists will compete on 'Idol' Wednesday night on FOX, with the results show airing on Thursday.