Tarralyn Ramsey had the distinguished honor of being the first-ever contestant on 'The Voice.' She kicked off the show with a rousing performance of Faith Hill's mega-hit 'Breathe.'

Before taking the stage, the 31-year-old singer from Jacksonville, Fla., told host Carson Daly that she was looking forward to performing in front of the celebrity coaches. "Not to sound arrogant, I think you have to be confident in what you do," said Ramsey. "And I think that the one thing that I do know is that God blessed me with an amazing voice."

Ramsey belted out a powerful version of the Faith Hill chart-topper, and Christina Aguilera was the first to give her seal of approval. Cee Lo Green also chose to press his approval button, but Adam Levine and Blake Shelton chose not to represent Ramsey.

"I didn't push my button because you're a better singer than me and I was very upset," quipped coach Levine. Meanwhile, Shelton added, "You're not gonna pick me over Cee Lo and Christina, so I didn't waste my vote."

Aguilera was clearly impressed by Ramsey, telling her, "You're confidence grew with every note that came out of your mouth."

An emotional Ramsey ultimately chose Aguilera as her coach, gushing to the pop superstar that she was a huge fan of her music.

Watch Tarralyn Ramsey Sing Faith Hill's 'Breathe' on 'The Voice'