One-woman pop-country juggernaut Taylor Swift is about to give pop singer Ed Sheeran another big boost. The English singer-songwriter has been on tour with Swift recently, and now she's decided to release a duet they co-wrote, 'Everything Has Changed,' as her next single.

Sheeran has been joining Swift on stage during her Red Tour to perform the song, which they wrote together last year and recorded on Swift's blockbuster 'Red' album. The young performer -- who has also written songs for the boyband One Direction -- is an enormous star in his native country, and the exposure from an almost-guaranteed-to-be-a-hit single with Swift will undoubtedly help him in the U.S., where he is still lesser-known.

The ballad will be the fifth single from 'Red,' which is continuing to dominate country music in 2013 just as it did in 2012. Sheeran tells MTV that he and Swift are likely to collaborate on more songs in the future, since they find working together easy.

"We're male and female, but we do exactly the same thing like we're both the same age, we both write songs with guitars we both tour playing acoustic music and that's kind of it," he says. "We've got a similar sense of humor. I guess we just have a lot in common."