Taylor Swift's new hair made its red carpet debut today (Dec. 2) at the 2011 Billboard Women in Music Event, marking the first time that the style has been shot by cameras (other than the singer's own, since she cut it and shared a picture on Thursday). It seems that Swift is really loving her new bangs, and is even trying straight hair on for size, which is a complete turnaround from her usual ringlets and makes her blonde locks look even more golden.

While at the Billboard celebration in New York City, the 2012 Grammy-nominated hitmaker rubbed elbows with hip-hop's Nicki Minaj and even earned a new accolade: Billboard's Woman of the Year. "I get to wear this beautiful dress and go to this wonderful event," Swift said during the luncheon. "It's an amazing way to end what's really been an incredible year."

When asked by Katie Couric how the 21-year-old country-pop singer stays grounded, she answered modestly, "I never feel entitled to play another sold out show or to win another award. The women in this room know that you really have to work for everything you get."

Swift will make another premiere today when the music video for her single 'Ours' debuts at 7PM ET.