Like Brad Paisley and Little Big Town? What about beer? If you answered yes to either of the two questions, we've got just the guy -- and the song -- for you. Check out Trent Willmon, who is no newbie in country music, being that he's penned songs for some of the industry's biggest artists. The Texas native's own latest tune, 'Wish You Were Beer,' has the guts to battle even the countriest of country for the chart-topping spot.

'Wish You Were Beer' is clever, catchy, and we admit it -- funny. Not to mention, it's not every day you come across a country song with more keys than steel guitar. Picture this: Willmon is sitting at the bar, crying over the ring on his finger, but he's not missing his lady -- he just wishes she was more like the iced cold one in his hand. You know, "tall, slick and slender with a dark amber tan."

"I wish that you would just get better when you get iced cold," he sings to her, adding, "Yes, my dear, I wish you were beer." Our favorite verse is the one where he really gives it to her, letting her know that while he may not live up to her expectations, neither does she:

"You say you wish I looked like Brad Pitt / You wish we had a bigger house and a bigger bank account / And I could buy you a bigger chest / Filled up with diamonds and all the fancy things / Wish I was smart like your brother, got along with your mother / Well, baby, all I've got to say / Wish you were beer."

We admire Willmon's guts, but again, he's at the bar. Would he say this stuff to her face? Let's just hope she doesn't listen to the radio, because this one could get some major airplay.

Rating: 8/10

Listen to Trent Willmon, 'Wish You Were Beer'