After last week’s energetic performance, coach Blake Shelton encouraged Zach Seabaugh to take it down a notch and explore his more romantic side with Little Texas’ "My Love," a song which Shelton called a “forgotten song.”

“Your generation hasn’t heard it,” he said to Seabaugh, who is 17, during rehearsals.

After showing off some of his musical theater chops with his Footloose dance moves, Seabaugh worked on the tune with Shelton and honed his ability to show the emotion the song needed.

The final performance further solidified Seabaugh’s heartthrob status. He nailed the vocals and the sensitive approach he was going for. The singer even bent down to interact with the audience, holding hands and singing to some of the females in the first row, which they of course ate up.

All four coaches loved his delivery and noted his professional quality more characteristic of someone far beyond his years.

“You’re so natural. I feel like I’m just at some award show and I’m watching you,” Gwen Stefani sais. “I think you’re gonna be a huge star."

“The range you have is so crazy,” Pharrell added. “This is the beginning of your future. It goes beyond the show."

Coach Shelton brought it home with his glowing review: “I don’t know that I’ve ever had anybody on this show like you, that I really feel like you could walk off this stage right now, get in your tour bus and go on your headlining tour somewhere."

Seabaugh looked honored to receive such high praise, closing out the night with his standout performance. Fans can vote for Seabaugh until noon ET Tuesday, Nov. 17. Check out his full performance above.

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