Summer would be pretty lame without great country music. Some songs know how to chill, while others sound best turned up to 10. A few don't have much to do with the year's best season at all, while others feel like the writers were mixing whiskey and sunshine. So, which song is the Best Song of Summer 2015?

You get to decide. Beginning this week, 16 recent releases will battle for the title of the year's best summer song. Kenny Chesney, Florida Georgia Line and Jake Owen all offer entries, as do less familiar singers like Frankie Ballard and Kelsea Ballerini. It's all about the song in this contest — the song that you'll forever attach to the warm memories of summer 2015.

Scroll the gallery above to see all 16 songs. Beginning tomorrow (June 15), you'll be able to vote on the first matchup. After four rounds of voting, only one song will remain, and that song will be crowned the official, undisputed, no-questions-asked Best Song of Summer 2015. Pretty lofty title right?

Of course, it's possible we didn't include your favorite summer jam. Only songs released recently were included (the Best Summer Song Ever? contest is one for another day). But if you feel your favorite song was snubbed, explain why in the comments section below.

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