Blake Shelton has another plaque to add to his already large collection. The singer was recently surprised backstage at New York's Barclays Center by Warner Music Nashville executives and members of the RIAA, who gifted him a new ornament for his wall to commemorate 10 million albums sold.

The "A Guy With the Girl" singer is one of only five male country artists who have amassed 10 million or more in album sales in the last 15 years.

Shelton's star power continues to rise, as he can be seen in the homes throughout America each week with his recurring role as a coach on The Voice. This hasn't always been the case for the singer, who says it was a long journey to his first CMA award.

In a recent interview with the CMA, Shelton recalls his Male Vocalist of the Year win in 2010. “It’s about 34 years worth of steps right there for me,” he said in 2010 during his acceptance speech. “This is a really big deal for me.”

“I really honestly thought that my chance for awards and things like that had passed,” he admits, remembering his big win from six years ago. “I was thankful for the time that I was having in the music industry and having hits on the radio. I just didn’t think that I was ever going to be one of those artists that earned a trophy like that and I already accepted that years before it ever happened. So, the fact that it happened that late in my career made it that much more exciting and I think I was able to appreciate that moment.”

Shelton's latest album, If I'm Honest, was released in May.

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