Blake Shelton paired up two contestants from opposites ends of the earth during his only battle on Monday's (March 12) episode of 'The Voice.' Lex Land, the sultry-voiced camp counselor, faced off against Jersey girl Charlotte Sometimes, singing Foster the People's 'Pumped Up Kicks.'

For Land, the challenge was injecting personality into her performance, while Sometimes knew she had to back off. Coach Kelly Clarkson said she loved the former's sense of humor, but warned that she needed to tone it down. "Vocally she's stellar, she's got a killer vibe about her voice," Clarkson said of Sometimes.

Land was paired with Miranda Lambert, who along with Shelton worked to pull her personality to the top. At times Land looked uncomfortable, but other times she was mesmerizing. "There's a mystery to you that's like something draws me to you, I wanna know more about you," Lambert said.

Neither singer added much to the performance in the way of stage presence. Land's voice is like the smoke that fills a room when you blow out a scented candle. At times, she was barely a whisper, but then she'd open up. "It's like what in the hell did she just do?" Shelton said, before adding that she was pitchy early on.

Sometimes was more consistent, but she took fewer chances. It was like watching a dark-haired, American Adele face-off against a talented, less annoying Snooki. In this case, Snooki won, but she has work to do before the live rounds begin in a few weeks.

Watch Lex Land Battle Charlotte Sometimes on 'The Voice'