The title track to Canaan Cox's new EP falls into an original space in country music. "End Up in a Song" is a bridge between heartbreak and new love, albeit a shaky bridge.

Whether or not Cox decides to walk that bridge is quite another story. Listen closely to the pop-friendly country cut, one that he admits started with a breakup. The End Up in a Song EP drops on May 5.

"I promise you, you don't want any part of this / Just another stream on repeat on my playlist / I know it's wrong of me to just string you along / So let's just break this off before you end up in a song," he sings at the chorus.

The person Cox is singing to is never heard from, but one gets a sense that they're not eager to break off a relationship that — as the song's bridge explains — is heating up.

"To be honest, this track was one of those 'just for me' songs," the North Carolina-to-Nashville singer tells Taste of Country, adding that a different song was set to become the title track.

"We came into this write and production with a 'let's just have some fun' mentality, instead of making it more fit for mainstream. The further I got into the process, the more I fell in love with it and decided to change gears."

"Twice" and "Hate Me More" are two more songs from the five-song EP. Fans of "End Up in a Song" will definitely appreciate Cox's sonic and lyrical approach to both.

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