Benji and Jenna Cowart, a husband and wife duo known for their viral parody of MAGIC!’s ‘Rude,’ set their spoofing skills loose on Florida Georgia Line’s ‘Dirt,’ resulting in a clever winter-themed parody titled -- you guessed it -- ‘Snow.’

Having lived in Buffalo, N.Y., the two bring a fresh (and frostier) perspective to the Southern boy anthem.

"You used to sled in it, then you bled in it, because your brother threw a snowball with a rock in it," Benji sings as he strums, while Jenna provides backing vocals and special effects (read: fake snow), both clad in Buffalo Bills apparel.

The song is as skillfully done as it is humorous, with seamless harmonies and impressive songwriting woven into the lighthearted video. If we didn’t know any better, this tune could be a hit in its own right!

You Think You Know Florida Georgia Line?