Florida Georgia Line stick to familiar themes, but deliver their most original lyric yet on ‘This Is How We Roll,’ a collaboration with Luke Bryan. The rhymes that flow from Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley’s lips are like sugar from a shaker. An especially clever second verse will be what everyone is talking about.

Some country fans -- the same group that gets angry every time Jason Aldean’s ‘Dirt Road Anthem’ plays on the radio -- will want to take the two outside when they hear the rap breakdown:

“If you roll with me, yeah you know we rollin' high / Up on those 37 Nittos, windows tinted, hard to see though / How fresh my baby is in the shotgun seat, oh / Them kisses are for me though, automatic like a free throw,” they spit over a drum loop and electric guitars. A slide guitar adds just a touch of country to keep Joey Moi's arrangement honest.

Bryan’s verse is of the same style, a deviation from how this feel-good song begins. The song takes a left turn after the duo finishes the first chorus, but their creative phrasing makes it difficult to object.

This is how we roll / This is how we do / We're burning down the night shooting bullets at the moon baby / This is how we roll,” Florida Georgia Line sing.

‘Get Your Shine On,’ ‘Round Here’ and ‘Stay’ have found success on country radio, but this track from the group’s deluxe edition of ‘Here’s to the Good Times’ is their best moment since ‘Cruise.’ They can get away with the rapping now, and having the stamp of approval from country’s reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year certainly won’t hurt.

Why Fans Will Love It: It's a clever lyric and the three men clearly had a ton of fun recording it.

Key Lyrics: "This is how we roll / We hanging round singing out everything on the radio"

Did You Know?: 'Chillin' It' hitmaker Cole Swindell helped FGL and Bryan write 'This Is How We Roll.'

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