Garth Brooks has performed thousands of shows, but his Friday night concert in Minneapolis is one he’ll surely remember as one of his best ever. A woman battling breast cancer will certainly remember it as her finest concert.

During his performance of ‘The Dance,’ Brooks recognized Teresa Shaw of Osage, Iowa. She was holding a sign that said “Chemo this morning, Garth tonight … Enjoying 'The Dance.'” Shaw says she was just hoping the legend would notice. Did he ever!

Dunken from KROC, 106.9 in Rochester, Minn. brought the touching video to our attention. Shaw was brought to the front of the stage by an usher before Brooks knelt to give her a personal performance of his song. He then stopped singing and kissed her forehead as her 19-year-old daughter Elizabeth watched.

The crowd and his band kept the music going, but Brooks was clearly overcome with emotion. After handing her his acoustic guitar he took a few steps back and delivered a powerful message to the woman and the sold-out crowd.

“God just stuck his hand out and wrote 'I exist.'” he shouted, holding up his sign. "You have all my strength, you have everybody’s strength in here and you will kick cancer’s a--!”

According to the Des Moines Register, Shaw has been battling Stage 3 breast cancer since June. The singer knows all too well how devastating the disease can be. Both his mother and sister died from cancer.

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