Garth Brooks is embracing the digital age of music in his own unique way. The singer has just revealed GhostTunes, a digital music platform that promises to “unleash the creativity” and allows fans to access their downloads on any audio platform.

For years, Brooks avoided letting his music be released digitally on any platform, including streaming sites. He says he's finally perfected the way he wanted to do it.

“This is a site that treats music with the utmost respect,” the ‘People Loving People’ singer shares in a statement, “where our job everyday is to offer music the way the artists want to share it to the listeners who live for and love it. That’s a job I hope I can do everyday.”

Perhaps most surprising is that fans aren’t restricted to buying albums only, something Brooks has long wanted for his music. Artists can choose if they want to release albums, singles or other creative packages to fans. Music will be stored in a “locker” that is accessible via any audio player. The promise, above all else, is very few restrictions.

The country legend is also giving fans the opportunity to buy his entire catalog of music for just $29.99. This includes his upcoming 2014 release, plus an until now unannounced 2015 project. Other artists can do the same, if they choose.

Music from all genres is represented at GhostTunes. An early search for various artists failed to result in a miss. Country artists from all major labels plus independents are included, as are their back catalogs.

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