Garth Brooks is never too busy to interact with fans, even if he's in the middle of a show.

Gale Granrude Gariepy was enjoying a recent concert when Brooks spotted her because she was holding up a sign in the crowd that read: "Today, my son is cancer-free."

Knowing what a special occasion it was for the mother, Brooks can be seen in the video above striking a conversation with Gariepy to ask all about her son, Mason. With a little help from her fellow audience members, Gariepy informs the country superstar that her son had been battling cancer since August of 2016, and while he defeated the disease, it will take two years for his immune system to get back up to speed. As a result, Mason was unable to attend Brooks' show.

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"As hard as that child has fought, I know you have fought a hundred times harder," Brooks tells her, speaking from one parent to another. Already overwhelmed by the superstar's kindness, Gariepy was moved to tears when Brooks signed his own personal guitar for Mason and gave it to her so her son would always have a special token from the show, even though he couldn't be there.

"May you never have to work with the freakin' c-word again," the singer says, which garners large applause from the crowd. "You give Mason a hug for me."

This is just one of many times the country legend has gone out of his way to give back to his loyal fans.  Brooks recently paid for a newly engaged couple's honeymoon trip to Hawaii, offered to pay the college tuition of another couple's unborn baby and teamed up with wife Trisha Yearwood to send fans gifts off their wedding registry, just to name a few.

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