The 2011 CMA Awards began with one of the best laughs and biggest surprises in recent years when Hank Williams Jr. crept up on Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, who were busy making fun of him and his 'Monday Night Football' scandal. The co-hosts went right after Bocephus, with a spoof of his hit song 'Family Tradition.'

"Hank, why do you drink," Paisley -- or Bradcephus, as he called himself -- said before Underwood answered with "Before an interview." The chorus went on in that fashion before the pair got to the next verse.

"Stop and think it over / Let me help you get the picture / You can get drunk and start carrying on / But you can't compare the President to Hitler," the duo sang to a crowd that erupted as they watched Williams Jr. walked up on them from center stage.

"It was all Brad's idea," Underwood, whose dress resembled a calla lily, said in a panic. Maybe more shocking than Williams showing up during this specific joke was Williams showing up at all; he's long feuded with the different award establishments in Nashville. The crowd was more than appreciative of his good humor and thanked him with a hardy standing ovation.

Underwood and Paisley picked on Tim McGraw and Faith Hill next. The two brought out the pair's new Barbie dolls and began playing with them before forcing the dolls to make out. Then they wondered if they dolls were anatomically correct.

"There's nothing there," Underwood said with her back to the crowd and a very embarrassed McGraw/Hill. "Poor Faith," Paisley answered. McGraw and Hill took the ribbing as good sport. The rest of the night's entertainers may have a difficult time topping the opening moments.

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