With Labor Day -- a traditional break from hard work -- behind us, the American workforce gets back at it today, as do country music's biggest stars. Although, it's unlikely many took a day off, as the holiday is a popular time for festivals and fairs to book big names. Not that anyone is complaining! Who do you think is the hardest working artist in country music? 

An argument could be made for a number of stars, but we've narrowed down the choices in today's poll to artists known for taking on extra work in addition  their music careers. For Blake Shelton, and possibly Keith Urban, that's reality television. Toby Keith runs his own record label, while Taylor Swift is meticulous with the fine details of every aspect of her career and Reba McEntire balances a television career with her touring and recording schedule. If there is an artist you think is more deserving of being included, tell us why in the comments section below.