ESPN recently visited Jason Aldean's "man cave," which is outfitted with tons of sports memorabilia from his favorite football team, the Georgia Bulldogs. While Aldean currently resides on a "gentleman's farm" outside of Nashville, he's still a Macon boy at heart. Despite relocation, his love for the Bulldogs, which represent the University of Georgia, remains as rampant as ever and is displayed in the décor of his wood-paneled dude dwelling.

Aldean is even the proud owner of Athens, a burly but beautiful white bulldog. Athens' great grandfather was actually one of the team mascots, so Aldean's love for the teams runs so deep it reaches marrow and branches out into other aspects of his life.

In the interview clip, the 'Dirt Road Anthem' singer is wearing a bright, tomato red Georgia Bulldogs T-shirt. He even spoke about his pup, saying, "She's a girl and likes to hump your leg. I think I got a weird crossbreed." There are lots of shots of him cradling the canine; you can just tell that Athens is like family for Aldean.

Aldean also recalled his youth, when his love for the Bulldogs began. "I had the full gear, the plastic helmet, where you thought you were cool and your friend had one too. Without any padding in it, you'd knock yourself out."

He also has the "G" logo on the wall, and is collecting signatures from friends, like Kid Rock. This man cave should have country music fans wishing they could hang out with Aldean in his crib.

Watch Jason Aldean Give a Tour of His Georgia Bulldogs-Themed Man Cave