Without any country contestants remaining on Season 3 of 'The Voice,' coach Blake Shelton is left to represent the genre. While there are no more country horses in the race, that doesn't mean that the show lacks in country pride. Jason Aldean hit the stage on tonight's (Nov. 13) elimination episode, performing 'The Only Way I Know.'

While his cohorts Luke Bryan and Eric Church were not on hand to lend their voices to the song, two of the show's contestants offered Aldean the assist instead.

Bryan Keith and Dez Duron joined Aldean for the song, and they did a great job! It was a huge moment for them to be able to take the stage with one of the biggest country stars on the planet and perform alongside him.

Aldean didn't engage much with the crowd, simply playing his song. So essentially, he was doing what he does best. The studio audience was into it. He did exchange both a handshake and a bro hug with both Keith and Duron after the song ended.

So while 'The Voice' is decidedly less than country than, say, 'American Idol,' Aldean injected it with a necessary dose of twang.

After the performance, Aldean spoke to the show's social media correspondent Christina Milian. He thought his helpers done good, saying, "I think they did great... these guys stepped in pretty well and America thinks they are pretty good, too." Both Keith and Duron were voted to the next round by the viewers.

Aldean's overall advice to the contestants? "Just be yourself as an artist."

He also took a second to riff on Shelton. "Unfortunately, I've known Blake for quite a while," he joked. "We met on tour. We were both opening acts for Rascal Flatts in 2006. You guys may not remember this, but Blake used to have one of the gnarliest mullets."

Watch Jason Aldean Perform 'The Only Way I Know' on 'The Voice