On Saturday, April 9, Jimmy Wayne spoke at the prestigious TEDx event held at Nashville's TPAC's Polk Theater. This year's event, A Sense of Wonder, allowed speakers 18 minutes each to enlighten the audience's thinking, expand their knowledge and inspire them to change their world.

Wayne, of course, spoke about his troubled youth and the events that led him to becoming a homeless teen. He shared the touching story of the elderly couple who brought him in off the streets, giving him a home for six years.

"Speaking at the TEDx event is the pinnacle of speaking engagements," Wayne tells Taste of Country. "It is the elite speaking platform. I am very fortunate to have gotten this opportunity to not only speak at the event but to close the event. I admit I was stressed about not going over the time limit, and the standing ovation made me more nervous than the speech itself. Overall, I know it was a home run, and I am so thankful."

Wayne also treated those in attendance to his autobiographical tune '(It's Not Where You've Been It's) Where You're Going.'

Others who spoke at the TEDxNashville event included author/actress Ashley Judd, poet Tyehimba Jess, singer-songwriter Jill Sobule and many more. For more information on TEDx, visit their website.

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