Professionally, Kelly Clarkson flirts with country music, having released a twangy version of 'Mr. Know It All' and dueting with Jason Aldean. Personally, she's always celebrated the single life. Until now. Though Clarkson may not have gone full-fledged country with her music, she has with her boyfriend. The pop hitmaker is reportedly dating Brandon Blackstock -- manager of Blake Shelton and stepson of Reba McEntire.

Blackstock's father, Reba's husband Narvel, is also Clarkson's manager, so the former 'American Idol' is 'in' with country royalty in her professional and personal associations.

In a chat with Toronto radio station CFHI, Clarkson -- who often jokes sarcastically about being boyfriend-less -- came clean about her romance, without naming names. She said, "I do, I have a new boyfriend," but quickly clarified, adding, “Well, not a new one — I haven’t dated in a while.”

The big-voiced singer did share the fact that her significant other works in the music industry, which bodes well for the relationship, since he understands what's she's dealing with. "He understands how much I work and I understand his stuff, because he’s in the business. It’s just easier," she said.

Despite Clarkson concealing her man's identity, all signs point to Blackstock, who was photographed with her, Shelton and McEntire at last month’s Warner Music Group Grammy celebration. Where there's smoke, there's fire!

Perhaps Clarkson's ties to country music will push her to go beyond flirtation with the genre. Who knows -- she could fully go country sooner or later.