Levi Riggs just can't get a former love out of his head in his new single, "Heard You in a Song."

Riggs sings about an ex-lover on the driving, up-tempo track, which blends an acoustic bed track with a stuttering electric rhythm guitar in the verses for a bright, modern feel that gives way to a heavier chorus. The lyrics are all about how his former love comes into his mind unbidden when he encounters unexpected reminders of their time together.

"Then I heard you in a song coming from a radio / Saw you in the eyes of a stranger on the street / Thought that I'd moved on, thought my heart had let you go / But I felt you there in every beat / When I heard you in a song," he sings in the chorus.

“There are times where I’m driving along and a song comes on the radio and all I think about is who that song reminds me of and the fun times we had together," Riggs tells us. "Music has a way with helping people connect to memories and, at the heart of it, that's what 'Heard You in a Song' is all about.”

The Indiana native has been musically inclined since he as very young, but he didn't become serious about pursuing a music career until he was in college at Purdue. Watching Walk the Line when he was in his junior year convinced him that he could put together a band, record his songs and start touring, which he did.

Riggs released his debut single, "My Best Friend's a Girl," in 2011, and followed it up with "I'm Good" in 2012. He launched his touring career in earnest after releasing "Tailgate Time" in 2010, and he's since played over a thousand shows, opening for acts including Jason Aldean, Justin Moore, Trace Adkins, Brett Eldredge, Travis Tritt, Alabama and more.

Riggs released his most recent EP, She's Everything, In February. "Heard You in a Song" is his first new single since then, and it's set to drop on Friday (Nov. 9). It debuts with Taste of Country today.

For more information about Levi Riggs, visit his website, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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