It's Spring Break and Luke Bryan is here to party…with 120,000 of his closest friends.

Bryan cruised down to Florida to celebrate his latest release, 'Spring Break…Here to Party,' topping the Billboard country charts and giving the singer his first No. 1. He performed before 120,000 fans over a two-day period at Spinnaker's in Panama City Beach, Florida. The gigs marked the country star's fifth year of rocking that co-ed rite of passage known as Spring Break. At this point, the 'I Don't Want This Night to End' singer is pretty much synonymous with Spring Break. It's his "thing."

Check out the photos from the event, where you can see Bryan revving up the a crowd that clearly adores him. He's even dressed for the occasion, rocking board-length shorts and flip-flops, and he doesn't hesitate to get up close and personal with the ladies.

Yep, it's Spring Break and LB was there to party and provide a country music soundtrack to over 100,000 college students looking to blow of some steam and have a good time.

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