A great country song can truly from anywhere, and from any place. Morgan Myles' story behind her debut single "Whiskey Dreaming" was born after an ill-fated 3AM phone call from a boyfriend who would soon find out he was an ex-boyfriend.

Myles was at home, on crutches. She'd just had knee surgery and was recovering, but still in need of a little sensitivity. She got neither from this guy.

“This guy that I was seeing that I thought was a good guy and I really liked, decides not to see how I’m doing after my surgery," she says in this video, exclusive to ToC. "Until 3AM in the morning, three days after my surgery.”

Those kind of calls typically only have one purpose, and Myles says she wasn't amused. Later she got with her producer, and the two created a song that she says melds all her influences and sets a tone for her full EP.

“It’s just a really good mix of who I am and where I’ve always been," the Pennsylvania native says. "It really defines the person I am and what influences me.”

Myles recently shared each song from her EP during a private event in Nashville. "Whiskey Dreaming" is a soul-soaked ballad with a sharp bite for any guy thinking of doing her wrong. "Whiskey dreaming / All by yourself / Just wishful thinking / That you could get me back," she sings to start the chorus. Watch the lyric video below and look for the official music video soon.

Watch Morgan Myles' "Whiskey Dreaming" Lyric Video

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