Sarah Darling just wrapped work on her new music video for her latest single, 'Home to Me.' The singer calls the tune (penned by Bobby Hamrick and Caitlyn Smith) a "fun, whimsical song" -- a feeling which is fully captured in the forthcoming visual clip.

"It’s a song about love," Darling tells Taste of Country. "To me, when I listen to the song, I think of wide open spaces. I literally wanted to see a field of wildflowers, which is what I actually envisioned when we were starting the video and when we were finding people to write treatments for the video."

Darling worked with video director, Becky Fluke, on 'Home to Me.' "She’s incredible," the country singer says. "I just kind of told her what I thought. When I pulled up to the set, it was a beautiful day. It was absolutely gorgeous. The beginning scene is me out in this open field performing out in the sunshine, then we kind of move onto this beautiful little creek."

"The whole storyline is about me kind of building up this little spot by the lake," she continues. "My guy is picking me up, and we’re heading off to this little spot. It’s kind of sweet. It’s not a long, drawn out story, but it’s just being in that moment of home is where the heart is. He picks me up, and we are having fun."

For the hot ride, they chose an old, topless jeep, which was another piece of Darling's vision for the video which fell into place perfectly. "It was great because it was kind of open," notes the singer. "The jeep totally fit that song!"

The cast and crew for the 'Home to Me' video didn't have to travel too far from Nashville, as the location they picked was a beautiful property in Whites Creek, Tenn. The land was filled with Mother Nature's finest, including the green fields, scenic lakes and horses grazing on the land.

"Probably one of my favorite parts of the video is towards the end of the shoot," reveals Darling. "We had a weeping willow that we strung lights by this little camp that I had set up for me and my guy. It was very pretty."

'Home to Me' is the first taste of what's to come from Darling on her forthcoming album on Black River Entertainment, tentatively slated for release in the spring of next year.

"I think I can honestly say that the best part of the video shoot is you just never know how it’s going to go when you’re working with people you don’t know," says Darling. "I did have a love interest in the video – somebody that I didn’t know – and he was just kind of cast in the video. We just kind of had a blast, and when you watch the video, which I have seen the first pass of, you can tell it was a really fun and genuine interaction between the two of us. I think that is always a great surprise when the people who are part of the cast and crew are just incredible. It was probably one of the best crews I ever worked with. It was the most laid-back, fun atmosphere. The director was laughing with me, and it was just a fun experience. I had a blast doing it."

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Courtesy of Black River Entertainment
Courtesy of Black River Entertainment
Courtesy of Black River Entertainment