It's now week three of The Voice Season 13 live shows! Eleven singers are performing solely for viewer's votes, while their respective coaches sat back, watched, and hoped for the best.

One of the show's standout country competitors came not from Team Blake Shelton, but from Team Adam Levine -- namely, Adam Cunningham, who has been unfortunately hanging out in the bottom two for a while but keeping himself gamely in the game. “He’s growing on everybody week to week,” said Levine, and that just may be true. Cunningham decided to please his country fans this week by performing Pam Tillis' 1991 hit "Maybe it was Memphis."

Cunningham had a bit of controversy last week when he knocked out a season favorite, Team Miley Cyrus's Janice Freeman, causing many fans to riot on social media. However, Cyrus wished him well, saying she had no hard feelings...and country's own representative, Shelton, was impressed with the performance overall.

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