It's been almost a week since 20-year-old Holly Bobo was abducted and led into the woods near her Parsons, Tenn. home by an unknown camouflaged man. On Monday, Bobo's cousin -- country singer Whitney Duncan -- appeared on 'Good Morning America' to further spread the message that the family is still searching for the young woman.

"She's beautiful … she's sweet … she's a good Christian girl. You know, kinda shy, quiet -- until you get to know her," Duncan tells 'GMA' of Bobo. "And then she's just funny and sweet, she's amazing."

Bobo, a nursing student at University of Tennessee Martin, was last seen around 7:30AM last Wednesday morning, when she was preparing to leave for school. It was then that Bobo's 25-year-old brother Clint watched her led into the woods by a man, whom he mistook for her boyfriend. After discovering blood outside (not belonging to Bobo), he called police.

"The family right now is trying to be strong. It doesn't seem real. That's the last phone call you ever expect to get, " Duncan, a former 'Nashville Star' contestant, tells 'GMA' viewers through tears. "It's a close family, so we're just trying to hold it together."

On Friday, the task force expanded the search area around Bobo's home and called on an additional 200 volunteers -- but more than 1,100 came to help.  "It's really moving," she says of the support they've received from their community. "It makes us feel great that people out there, they do care so much. They're trying to find her and they want her home."

Since her initial disappearance, police have recovered a white lunch box and a piece of duct tape with blonde hair stuck to it, which was found by a volunteer. They have also come to the conclusion that the abductor is likely not on foot.

Anyone anywhere who has seen anything that may lead to Bobo's return is urged to contact the authorities at 1-800-TBI-FIND. "We just want her back," Duncan stresses. "If anybody knows anything, any details, anything weird that they've seen, I hope they come forward with any information that can lead to getting her back."

She adds, breaking down again, "We need to go search. That's it."

The Bobo family is offering a $25,000 (and growing) reward for helpful information. Investigators are currently following up on more than 250 tips from across the country.

Watch Whitney Duncan on 'Good Morning America'