The talented singing fifth graders PS22 are receiving many deserved accolades, quickly becoming a nationally-recognized elementary school choir. Family trio the Henningsens stopped by to sing 'American Beautiful' with the youngsters, who ooze heart and skill every time they open their mouths.

Clara Henningsen -- who recently got hitched -- showcased her clear vocals alongside the choir, strumming her acoustic guitar. Throughout the song, PS22 provided great background vocals and dance moves, with their passion for singing showing on their faces.

The band played at the front of the room, facing a video camera which captured this special performance. They ended the song with the beautiful songstress yelling, "Woohoo!" and turning around to applaud the choir.

The eldest bandmember, father Brian Henningsen, had a huge smile across his face as he told PS22, "Well I came with very high expectations and you met them and surpassed them. You were even better than I anticipated you would be. You guys are awesome, absolutely awesome. We are big fans of you."

"It's so cool coming in here and seeing a bunch of kids... who are ten and eleven doing music and being so passionate about it. That's awesome," Clara added. "Keep that passion, because music is one of those things that will always be around in the world and you guys should continue on this path."

"My parting thought is very profound, guys. I don't want to leave," Brian Henningsen chimed in, joking, "And, which way is the lunchroom?"

Toward the end of the trio's visit, a sweet little guy named Wesley played the drums with a perfect beat as the whole room erupted in applause.

It seems that every visit to PS22 -- whether by country star Carrie Underwood, or the 'Shinin' on Me' hitmaker Jerrod Niemann -- promotes a renewed sense of passion for music, and the Henningsens' visit was no exception. The kids of PS22 are a special inspiration to every musician and music fan!