Though neither artist was on Blake Shelton’s team, Shelby Brown and James Dupré both took 'The Voice' down south this week with their country performances in the Knockout Rounds, one singer making an even riskier choice than usual with one of the judges' own songs.

Brown was up first and chose a challenge from note one — Carrie Underwood's "Jesus, Take the Wheel" (see below). It’s the first country song she’s had the opportunity to sing on the show, but her voice was clearly made for the genre. She proved herself in rehearsals to coach Adam Levine and guest advisor Rihanna, nailing the powerful notes, but she was encouraged to get out of her head and let loose when performing.

The singer delivered the tune near-flawlessly during the actual performance, especially the big notes in the chorus.  “When it came to the chorus,” Pharrell noted, “you were swinging your sword and just chopping heads off!"

Dupré made a bold move by choosing one of Shelton’s songs to perform in front of him on the show with “Sure Be Cool If You Did.” The singer’s vocals were perfect, both Levine and Rihanna agreed, but also suggested he explore the stage and be a little more relaxed. Levine still called his performance in rehearsal “better than Blake Shelton."

Though he didn’t admit it was better than his own, Shelton did compliment the performance.

“Good song choice!” he exclaimed immediately after the last note.

“That dude sails right through it,” he added. “The pitch was perfect."

To Brown, he joked, “I think I would’ve liked you better if you’d done one of my songs, too,” but still gave her a positive review.

After a tough deliberation, Levine called Brown the winner of the Knockout Round, pushing her through to the Live Playoffs.

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