The best karaoke songs give us a chance to show off our vocal prowess and be the star we always knew we could be. Picking the perfect song is crucial. To impress friends and coworkers -- or even just strangers at the bar -- it must be not only be fun (and singable) for you, but also enjoyable for the audience.

If they're singing along by the second chorus, you've made a good choice. To help ensure you’re never without a crowd-pleaser up your sleeve, we’ve put together a list of 10 karaoke songs we think are sure to knock ‘em dead.

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    Dixie Chicks - 'Wide Open Spaces'

    If you were a female between the ages of 10 and 39 in the late 90s, you may have reached for this track once or twice already. 'Wide Open Spaces' is a charming, youthful story of a girl striking out on her own into an unknown future. Boasting a melody of only moderate difficulty, but still featuring a few opportunities for applause, the tune is an excellent choice in for an enjoyable karaoke experience for both the singer and the audience.

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    Zac Brown Band - 'Chicken Fried'

    This song is well-suited for summer nights -- no worries, no problems -- just good times and good friends. 'Chicken Fried' is perfect for a group performance, so feel free to bring as many people to the stage as the venue will allow. Toes will be tapping in no time.

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    Miranda Lambert - 'Gunpowder and Lead'

    Miranda Lambert’s third single from her album ‘Crazy Ex Girlfriend’ is a fun but vengeful country-rock tune that tells the tale of what happens when you cross the wrong woman. ‘Gunpowder and Lead’ is a great karaoke choice at the end of a long week to blow off some steam with friends -- and maybe give your new beau a subtle warning.

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    Sugarland - 'Stay'

    A stripped-down emotional ballad, ‘Stay’ is the song to choose for karaoke if you want to sing something you can pour your heart into. Nearly every country fan knows Sugarland’s signature hit, making it an instant crowd favorite, and if you give it all you’ve got, you might not leave a dry eye in the house.

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    George Strait - 'Amarillo By Morning'

    This classic tune is a solid choice if you’re more of an old school country fan. If you’re looking for a laid back, timeless song to perform, George Strait’s ‘Amarillo By Morning’ is perfect. To really sell the performance, be sure to wear your cowboy hat.

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    Lady Antebellum - 'Need You Know'

    One of the more somber choices in our list of karaoke go-tos, this Lady A duet brings a vulnerable side to the stage, for those wanting to show off their vocal chops and deliver a more moving performance. Grab a member of the opposite sex, hand them a mic and sing it like you mean it.

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    Carrie Underwood - 'Before He Cheats'

    What woman hasn’t wanted to be Carrie Underwood at one time or another? Belting out ‘Before He Cheats’ is the perfect opportunity to live that dream. Put on your attitude, grab a mic and get out all that pent up anger over your ex. This one’s guaranteed to get some crowd participation from the women in the audience and leave them wanting more.

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    Taylor Swift - 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'

    What's better than belting Taylor Swift songs with your girlfriends on a night out? 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' is an anthem for women tired of being in a bipolar relationship. This song is always fun to sing and sure to draw some crowd participation. BYO sass.

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    Deana Carter - 'Strawberry Wine'

    If you're looking for a sentimental ballad to pull out when it's your turn on stage, you can't do much better than 'Strawberry Wine.' The idyllic song paints a picture of the adolescent summer most of us wish we had, but didn't. Whimsical and nostalgic with a touch of sadness, this 90s country staple is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. You may even see some lighters in the air.

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    Garth Brooks - 'Friends in Low Places'

    A classic sing-along in bars and backyards across the south, ‘Friends in Low Places’ always gets a crowd going. It’s the ultimate track to choose when out with the guys -- no frills, no fuss, just a rugged, down-home Garth tune. When the whole place joins in on belting the word 'oasis,' you'll know you've picked the best song for karaoke.