Reba McEntire may be an iconic star with almost four decades under her belt in country music, but she's always learning from others, even now.

Since bursting onto the music scene in the '70s with her first charting single 'I Don't Wanna Be a One Night Stand,' McEntire has won two Grammy Awards, six CMA awards (including being the fourth female to ever be named Entertainer of the Year) and played hundreds of live shows. Now, with new music just announced and new concerts inevitably on the horizon, McEntire says she's not resting on her laurels.

The country legend shares that she's always going to concerts and learning how to make her shows better from watching fellow performers. What stands out to her the most? How much fun they're having on stage, of course!

"It’s contagious, the audience has a great time when the person on stage is," says the redheaded songstress. "And if the person is uptight and not feeling good about it, the audience is uptight. It’s so funny how that feeds back and forth. Fans are very smart, very intelligent. And their feelings are wide open. I mean they’re absorbing all these emotions. And so you learn watching other people."

And the award-winning singer isn't just influenced by other country performers. Along with greats like Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton, McEntire says that some of her most recent and influential concert experiences include Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Cher and Taylor Swift!

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