Taylor Swift's foray into the pop world was met with surprise by the 24-year-old, who wasn't sure her transition would be completely successful.

Even though she's a global superstar with enough accolades for a lifetime, Swift admits that she didn't expect the massive embrace of her new album's single 'Shake It Off.'

"It's wild," she says. "This song is kind of surprising in that I put it out, didn't know what was going to happen ... you're kind of starting over when you're labeling yourself in a new genre. So to see it go viral ... and to have radio all over it, and people buying it, it's really nice."

Fans can be assured Swift didn't sit back, relax and watch her hit shoot straight to No. 1; she worked her cute little butt off, pouring all her energy into creating a song she can be incredibly proud of. "I don't think you can ever wake up and expect you're going to succeed that day without having put in a lot of work," the star insists. "I think that's kind of part of having a work ethic is always feeling like you're never able to coast."

Even country stars are applauding Swift's official switch to the pop genre. Miranda Lambert gushed on her love of 'Shake It Off,' and Brad Paisley said that Swift has done a great job, admitting that people are going to love her new record.

In addition to smoothly transitioning into pop music, the songstress has also topped People's Best Dressed List ... which we wholeheartedly agree with. After all, during the week of her album announcement, Swift blew everyone away with her on-trend and sexy looks -- the perfect blend of alluring, feminine and altogether stylish.

"It's really exciting. It's one of those things that you don't really expect ... to have it happen ..." Swift says of her Best Dressed nod. "It's been really exciting living in New York and being inspired by the fashion happening there. And I think you're a little more cognitive about what you're wearing when you do have a camera crew of 20 people outside your door that day."

Whether it's music, fashion, music videos or sporting the perfect crop top, Swift proves that she's pretty much amazing at everything she touches.

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