Anderson East's new song "Girlfriend" is about falling in love with another guy's girl, and the adorable music video plays it all out. Spoiler alert: the other guy wins!

East wrote "Girlfriend" with Dave Cobb, Aaron Raitiere and Avicii. The horn-heavy blaster finds the raspy-voiced singer shouting, "I ain't gonna say I'm sorry now / I think I'm in love with your girlfriend." Early lyrics explain that even though Ms. Thing has a ring on her finger, he's having a hard time fighting off temptation.

Nope, we don't know why East's girlfriend Miranda Lambert broke up with husband Blake Shelton and didn't even think about that while listening to this jam from East's Encore album, out Jan. 12 ...

(Did they buy it? I think they bought it 😬 ) 

In fairness, the actual song "Girlfriend" is just about coveting another guy's girlfriend, with no satisfying conclusion to anyone aside from the stooge who's dating her in the first place (the song's quality has us taking sides). The music video mimics a Boy Scout Camp, likely Camp Grandview in Jasper, Ga., as all the kids are wearing those t-shirts. East is a camp counselor and he doesn't figure into the action. A young boy of about 12 is the one who finally gets a quick peck from the apple of his eye. Play on little playa, play on.

Lambert and East have been publicly dating for over two years and have collaborated both onstage and off. He co-wrote "Well Rested" and "Getaway Driver" for her The Weight of These Wings album. The song "Pushin' Time" is about their love and it features the two together.

See Pics of Anderson and Miranda Lambert

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