Newcomer Andy Gibson's debut single, 'Wanna Make You Love Me,' aims for the heart of female country fans. The tall, dark-haired singer shows off a big voice on a song that is just far enough past vanilla to get noticed by radio and listeners.

The early verse is an attention grabber. "Old people make me cry / Goodbyes make me drink / Tom Petty makes me drive too fast / The Bible makes me think / Children make me laugh / My mama makes me wanna treat a lady right like daddy always has," Gibson sings.

All these experiences are common enough to be understood and appreciated by 98 percent of country music fans, and his delivery and emphasis keeps them out of the realm of cliche. The chorus is catchy without getting annoying.

"You make me wanna buy a rose / You make me wanna shine my shoes / Baby you make me wanna dance / Better than I do / You make me wanna be a man / Who makes you laugh, makes you cry / Wanna be everything you need / You make me wanna make you love me."

'Wanna Make You Love Me' has the potential to do what 'Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not' did for Thompson Square. Both songs sounded somewhat plain at first, but begin gathering attention after frequent listens. A music video featuring plenty of the handsome Gibson should help his song's chances.

Listen to Andy Gibson, 'Wanna Make You Love Me'