Actress Anna Kendrick wants Taylor Swift to exercise her acting bone yet again, and she thinks she has theperfect role.

Swift, of course, is no stranger to acting. She's appeared in an episode of 'New Girl,' she's in the upcoming film 'The Giver,' she was in 'Valentine's Day,' and now, Kendrick says she wouldn't mind seeing Swift in one of the 'Pitch Perfect' movies.

"She could have been like a Barden Bella for the day and it would have been amazing," Kenrick tells Disney Dreaming. "We would have all like sat around and listened to her and play guitar with her. It would have been phenomenal. Maybe she’ll see the movie and maybe there'll be a third! You never know."

So far, the sequel to the comedy musical is set for a release next year, but Swift could still find a role in 'Pitch Perfect 3,' if that happens. One of Swift's best gal pals, Hailee Steinfeld, is in 'Pitch Perfect 2,' and that may be the country star's way in, especially with Kendrick on her side.

For now, fans can catch Swift in 'The Giver,' which will hit theaters on Aug. 15. The songstress will play the role of Rosemary, and although her part is said to be brief, it's also an important part of the story.

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