Ashton Shepherd beams while showing off a full belly during her new video for 'Where Country Grows.' Fans of the young singer's won't be surprised by this sincere -- yet in many ways courageous -- act. Few artists throw their entire being into the music like Shepherd does, and in this case, that means not even waiting until after Raden Delilah was born to film this clip.

The video amounts to Shepherd family home videos. It's not clear if the scenic rural property is actually her and her husband's land, but if that's not her older son James running around, then the director found another actor with Mama Shepherd's bright eyes. Husband Roland also stars in the video, which toward the end focuses on the simple life they still lead in Alabama.

'Where Country Grows' brings a good song to life while further illustrating how genuinely normal Shepherd is. There's little doubt she's anything but the woman who takes her son berry picking, walks barefoot through the field and watches over a barbecue before dinner. We don't see her writing in the famed Pickin' Shed; instead, she strums her acoustic under a grove of trees.

Some of the footage was taken before Shepherd was far along in her most recent pregnancy, but at the end she slides the guitar aside, smiles and reveals her baby bump. There are few country women around that would be bold enough to do the same. Shepherd is quickly becoming the every woman's hero that Gretchen Wilson once was.

Watch the Ashton Shepherd 'Where Country Grows Video'

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