Austin Webb's 'Raise 'Em Up' follows in the footsteps of some of country music's most successful hits. Lots of the best country songs are about the simple life -- good friends, football and a cold six-pack of beer -- and Webb's newest tune follows suit while hitting just the right balance between traditional and modern country.

A slight departure from Webb's first two singles, 'Raise Em' Up' is less romantic than 'It's All Good,' less nostalgic than 'Slip on By' and way more fun than is allowed. The singer's voice is strong and sturdy, delivering just a hint of the mischief he's itching to get into. With lyrics like "I live it up / Have fun / I ain't hurtin' anyone" and "A little bit of fun never hurt nobody / Somebody's gotta be the life of the party," it's clear that Webb is set out for a good time -- regardless of who may disagree. It's a bit more subtle than other "you only live once" anthems, but the message is the same: be who you are, do what you love and enjoy every minute of it.

And 'Raise 'Em Up' is more than just a catchy tune. Webb is still a relative newcomer to country radio the song, (written by Webb, James Slater and Erik Dylan) serves as a great introduction for fans ... even revealing his height.

"I'm a six-foot, six-pack, can of a man / Skoal ring, road king, spit in a can / I like old birddogs and outlaw bands / Whoa, whoa, whoa / I'm bonfire, barbed wire kind of a guy / Tank it up, crank it up, put it in drive / Show me the way to those neon lights / Whoa, whoa, whoa"

In 'Raise 'Em Up,' Webb's vocals find a perfect blend of classic country twang, pop harmony and rock edge, reflecting a new kind of country song that fits into the mold of traditional country music while subtly reshaping and evolving its sound.

Why Fans Will Love It:  'Raise 'Em Up' is ready for everyone in the bar to sing along to. It's an all-around fun tune that gives fans a snapshot into the down-home character of a rising star.

Key Lyrics: "I live it up / Have fun / I ain't hurtin' anyone / And there ain't nothin' better / When we all get together / And everyone sings along / Raise 'em up / Raise 'em up / Raise 'em up / High."

Did You Know?: In 'Raise 'Em Up,' Webb sings about always being ready for a good time, and he proved that he is at the 2013 Taste of Country Music Fest when he challenged Dakota Bradley to a bull-riding contest!

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