The best song? The best album? The best photo? Summer truly brought the best of country music 2015, and this recap highlights 10 things you need to know all about this year. Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and newcomer Kelsea Ballerini are all included, but No. 1 goes to someone that for years has slid under the radar.

Our pick for the absolute Best of Country Music 2015 is actually our pick for the Best Song of 2015, but you'll have to watch this video to find out which song it is. The best album goes to a rising country star, while the best news story goes to Underwood. OK, it's pretty obvious what she did that's so great, but you likely won't mind seeing the adorable picture again.

We've kept drama off this list. Both Lambert and Shelton are included, for separate, individual honors. There's no news of tomatoes and nothing about bro-country or the Confederate Flag to be found, because the Best of Country Music needs to be a list that every single country fan can celebrate in its entirety.

The Best Album of 2015? It's Obvious, Isn't It?

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