It's not hard to see that Miranda Lambert has one very proud husband in country star Blake Shelton. The 'Boys 'Round Here' singer brags on his talented lady regularly, but as of late, it's been for her success with her store, the Pink Pistol.

Lambert, who is quite the fashionista -- and apparently, quite the entrepreneur -- opened up the Pink Pistol in Tishomingo, Okla. in November 2012. The store's opening has subsequently launched another store in Lambert's hometown of Lindale and a pop-up shop in Nashville, but most importantly, has revitalized Shelton's tiny town.

"I think it’s great what it’s done for the community and the people there love it, and I’m proud of her when you do drive through," Mr. Miranda Lambert brags. "If you could have seen a picture of downtown Tishomingo four years ago and see it now, it would blow your mind. It’s unbelievable. It went from absolute ghost town with tumbleweeds and skinny dogs walking up and down the street to, it looks like Pigeon Forge or something around there now. And that is all centered around the Pink Pistol. It’s amazing what it’s done."

The store, which Lambert has described as holding "... antiques, gifts, boots, jeans and pretty much everything you can imagine," isn't at a loss for the color pink, either. After all, it's in the store's name, and you better believe there's enough of the color to paint the town ... well, pink.

Shelton is quick to give the credit of the town's renaissance and economic boom to his wife's ingenuity. "It’s my wife. I mean, she owns and operates and has a personal touch on the Pink Pistol… I have nothing to do with it. In fact, when I go, I purposefully drive way around it," he jokes, adding, "It’s changed people’s lives in that area. I mean, in a town that there was basically no jobs, it really has turned it around, and it just keeps getting better. People want those pink t-shirts!"

The country superstar is obviously not only smitten with his wife's looks and talent; he's duly impressed with her entrepreneurial success. Based on Lambert's track record, her next venture, a bed and breakfast called Ladysmith located across the street from the Pink Pistol, will be another prized destination for the tiny Oklahoma town.

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