Blake Shelton says he was surprised by some of the lost items he uncovered for his Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum exhibit, but saddened by all the trophies, honors and collectibles he'd thrown or given away. For example, fans will see the first song he ever wrote, but not his first guitar.

“I bought a black Takamine, cutaway guitar. The same one I saw Garth Brooks playing on his first television special,” he recalls. “I called my mom and said ‘Do you have that guitar?’ And she goes ‘No! And you might know where it is if you didn’t throw everything away and give it to everybody!’”

Clothes from Shelton's signature performances or album covers, his knife collection and early photos are among the highlights, as are his many CMA and ACM Awards.

“To see how much more the CMAs liked me than the ACMs is pretty good,” Shelton told the media, with his dry sense of humor on full display. “And I hosted the damn ACMs!"

The 39-year-old says he regrets not keeping more from his career, and he strongly recommends younger artists rent a storage space or get a great big box in which to keep all the honors and accolades that come their way. Technically, Shelton didn't get to "keep" his chair from The Voice, but it's one of the signature items from the exhibit, which opened this week and is on display through November 2016.

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